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Party with The Wiggles

Party with The Wiggles!!!

Hear The Wiggles and their friends sing and speak to your child over 55 times throughout this one of a kind CD! It will be an instant hit that they will listen to over and over. Watch their face light up as they hear their name sung and spoken by the entire Wiggles cast. This CD is perfect for any Wiggles fan. The Wiggles and Addison use their imaginations, sing lots of songs together, and play games on this fun CD! It will be an experience to remember!

Here is a list of what is included in this CD:

1) Let's Sing! (Dialogue)
2) Hello, We're The Wiggles (Song)
3) Everyone's Here! (Dialogue)
4) Wiggle Party (Song)
5) Remember That Day? (Dialogue)
6) Dorothy's Birthday Party (Song)
7) Let's Pretend! (Dialogue)
8) Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo (Song)
9) Imagine Butterflies! (Dialogue)
10) Butterflies Flit (Song)
11) Get Ready To Dance! (Dialogue)
12) Do The Wiggle Groove (Song)
13) Let's Play A Game! (Dialogue)
14) Move Like an Emu (Song)
15) Ducks! (Dialogue)
16) Have A Happy Birthday (Song)
17) What A Great Party! (Dialogue)
18) Goodbye From The Wiggles (Song)

Party with The Wiggles  Item # 00000-3

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